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While You Are Gone offers many professional services that can be completed while you are away from home, such as sparkling clean windows, detailed cars, professionally cleaned carpets, and other nagging little errands.

Let us make your time away as enjoyable as possible.  We want you to have a pleasant experience.  If you have any individual needs, please let us know, so we can assist you.


Make your time away from home as enjoyable as possible.  We offer many services to be done while you are gone, such as window and carpet cleaning, car detailing,  yard care, and home repairs!  Return home to see your pets happy, and well taken care of, your home clean, your yard clean, and be free from nagging little worry. We offer multiple services, as well as long term home care.  We will even do your errands!


Have a pleasant experience!  Let us know if you have any individual needs, so we can customize our service for you and do our job to your satisfaction.