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Invest in peace of mind while you travel, with WHILE YOU ARE GONE. Be assured that your home, pets and valued assets will be well taken care of.  It is important to us that you have trusted WHILE YOU ARE GONE with this responsibility.


Better than you Left It

Don't come home to a mess! Come home to a fully maintained yard.

Leave Worry Free

Don't waste any of your vacation stressed about whether you turned off the curling iron or coffee pot.

Relax. We Got you covered

In case of an emergency we are here to take care of it

Hesitant to Leave your Dog?

We can provide feed, water, clean-up, and quality TLC

We are a branch of Jones Heating and Air Conditioning, who have 47 years and 3 generations of experience in the service industry. During our many years as a company, we have experienced our clients frustration with the condition of their home and property when returning home from travel. We can assist our clients during their time away, and minimize their concern for the place they call home. Like you, we love our homes, pets and surroundings. We understand your concern in leaving. WHILE YOU ARE GONE will do our best to follow your instructions to safeguard and protect your home and assets.


Make your time away from home as enjoyable as possible.  We offer many services to be done while you are gone, such as window and carpet cleaning, car detailing,  yard care, and home repairs!  Return home to see your pets happy, and well taken care of, your home clean, your yard clean, and be free from nagging little worry. We offer multiple services, as well as long term home care.  We will even do your errands!


Have a pleasant experience!  Let us know if you have any individual needs, so we can customize our service for you and do our job to your satisfaction.